Donald Trump shows he is not an ‘abnormal’ president

During last year’s campaign, The New York Times justified its biased coverage of Donald Trump by saying he was the abnormal candidate while Hillary Clinton was the “normal” one.

Oh, what a difference a year makes.

Now it’s President Trump who is doing bipartisan deals with congress and trying to rally the world against North Korea while Clinton is embarrassing herself and her party with a sore-loser blame game. It’s time to reverse the normal and abnormal labels.

The remarkable contrast between the 2016 foes these days is more vindication of the outcome, and helps explain why he won and she lost. Clinton’s sour decision to point fingers in every direction, including at former President Obama and former vice-president Joe Biden, is a first for a losing candidate — but not surprising. The self-pitying, entitled core she spent a lifetime trying to hide is now on naked display.

As a Democrat who knows her well told me, “People always complained she wasn’t authentic. Well, she’s being authentic now. This is who she really is.”

Yikes. Imagine that train wreck in the Oval Office.

Even Clinton’s reputation for being a smart lawyer is now suspect. Her book, “What Happened,” and comments she made in interviews are a dog’s-stew of excuses and half-truths that do not add up to a credible explanation for the greatest upset in presidential politics.

As Peggy Lee asked, “Is that all there is?” In Hillary Clinton’s case, the unfortunate answer is yes, that’s all there is.

Meanwhile, America is witnessing the normalizing of a new president, flaws and all. There are even signs that the media, while still hostile, is getting tired of declaring that the sky is falling every time Trump colors outside the lines.

To be sure, his journey from playboy developer and TV star to the Oval Office continues to have more than its share of bumpy moments, but there are unmistakable signs that he is growing into the demands of the job.

Some of that progress is reflected in the declining number of times Trump has created off-topic controversies lately. He’s still tweeting, but causing fewer storms.


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