Sadly but frankly, Donald Trump is not going anywhere

It’s the knowing smirk that rankles most anywhere.  When Donald Trump flashes his grating, self-satisfied grin, he’s signalling to you and me that he’s untouchable, beyond the reach of special counsel, Robert Mueller, and the comical remnants of the “rule of law”.

It’s his easy, quick way of quashing the frayed spirits and hopes of those of us aching for his belated comeuppance and eviction from the White House.

But Trump knows he’s not going anywhere, anytime soon. So, he basks in his immunity and smiles. It’s his tiny middle finger to anyone who believes that Mueller, the FBI or Congress will save the US.

Trump’s right. No one is going to save the US because there is no saviour leading a righteous cavalry over the horizon riding to its rescue and impeachment. Mueller isn’t John Wayne. Anyway, if The Duke were around today, he’d probably campaign for Trump.

Still, a legion of progressives clings, like desperate shipwreck survivors, to the risible myth that Mueller and his busy band of G men will ultimately slay the idiot King. It’s simply a matter of time, they say. Mueller’s coming guns-a-blazing and he will deliver the US from the pestilence of Teflon Don.

The proof, they say, that the US’s deliverance is at hand arrived late last week when one of Trump’s faithful courtiers, Lieutenant General Michael Flynn strode mute into a Washington, DC court and plead guilty to lying to Mueller’s men.

Flynn, who was Trump’s National Security adviser for slightly more than a nanosecond, has turned, in effect, co-operating witness. The Naval War college graduate who once famously led a frothing Republican mob in a “lock her [Hilary Clinton] up” chant, was now reportedly squawking to the feds to save himself from being locked up for presumably a long time.

It was a glorious, near-orgasmic moment for progressives who cheered like giddy school kids: You see, Trump will be impeached anywhere. Flynn’s got the goods on his ex-boss, Trump’s kids, Ivanka’s hubby, Jared Kushner, and Vice President Mike Pence. The dirty dominoes are about to fall. Mug shots are in the offing. The system works. The good guys will prevail. It’s 1974 again. Trump is Richard Nixon redux and you know what happened to Tricky Dick Nixon.

Blunt, cautionary note to progressives: It’s not 1974 and Trump isn’t going to be impeached by this or perhaps any future Congress as currently constituted. The good guys aren’t likely to prevail. So, curb your enthusiasm. Look, if the rule of law or decency existed in the US’s capital, Trump would already have been impeached.

This stain of a president has, like many of his predecessors, offended the Constitution – he quite possibly hasn’t read, but swore to uphold – so many times since his inauguration to warrant being impeached more than once.

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