42% Indians say Donald Trump is a strong, well-qualified leader: Pew survey

About half of Indians (49 per cent) hold a favorable view of the United States, down 21 percentage points since 2015. While image of the US has taken a beating round the world, India’s positivism regarding America and its president+ is relatively higher than other countries.
High regard for Donald Trump

Four in ten Indians express confidence in Donald Trump to do the right thing vis-a-vis world affairs+ , with around 42 per cent considering him to be a strong leader and well-qualified to be president.

More Indians (37 per cent versus 24 per cent) approve than disapprove of Trump’s plan to restrict immigration from select majority-Muslim countries.

However, ratings for Trump are lower than those of his predecessor Barack Obama, during whose term 56 per cent Indians held a favourable view of the US.
India and China

Still, the decline in America’s popularity can’t compare to the dip in China’s image among the Indian populace.

Only 26 per cent Indians have a favourable view of China. Positive public opinion of India’s largest neighbour has witnessed a steady decline in the last couple of years, sliding from 41 per cent in 2015 to 31 per cent in 2016, before dipping further this year.

Similarly, Indian confidence in Chinese President Xi Jinping is low (21 per cent), down from 2015 but up from that in 2016.

75 per cent Indians feel that the Chinese government does not respect the personal freedoms of its people.

A 56 per cent majority in India said China’s growing military power is bad for India. A similar 51 per cent believe China’s growing economy, with which India runs a trade deficit, does not bode well for their country.


India and Pakistan

Disdain for Pakistan has intensified significantly in 2017, with 64 per cent Indians expressing a very unfavourable view of their long time rival. Only 20 per cent Indians support PM Modi‘s dealings with Pakistan.

More for tougher stance in J&K

When it comes to dealing with the disputed border regions of Jammu and Kashmir, the Indian public favors an aggressive stance. A 63 per cent majority believes the government should be using more military force. Few say India should use less force or even the same amount as it is using now.


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