Jared Kushner to be arrested in Robert Mueller Russia probe?

After Special Counsel Robert Mueller filed the first charges in his investigation into collusion between Donald Trump and Russia, new rumors say that the first person arrested by Mueller will be 36-year-old Jared Kushner — Trump’s own son-in-law and a top White House adviser. Initial speculation among experts named former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort as the initial target for arrest. But Manafort himself — through individuals close to him — shot down that speculation on Saturday.

If indeed Kushner is the target of Mueller’s reported criminal indictment and is arrested on Monday, the arrest would come just five days after he celebrated the eighth anniversary of his wedding to Trump’s eldest daughter, Ivanka Trump, 35, who is also a White House adviser to her father.

According to a report in London’s Independent newspaper, Manafort remains unaware of any criminal charges that may have been filed against him. In many white-collar criminal cases, targets are given notification of the charges against them at some point before warrants are served and arrests are made.

The Washington, D.C., political site Politico also reported that, according to sources close to another widely rumored Mueller arrest target, Michael Flynn, the former Trump national security adviser, is also unaware of any charges filed against him.

Mueller’s filing of charges against at least one individual, and possibly others, in the special counsel’s Russia investigation, was first reported by CNN on Friday. The cable network’s reporting was then independently confirmed by three separate news organizations — the Reuters wire service, the Wall Street Journal which just two days earlier had called in an editorial for Mueller’s resignation, and finally on Saturday by NBC News.

But Mueller’s indictments remain sealed and though media reports have said that an arrest could come as early as Monday, October 30, the target could be someone unexpected and relatively unknown — such as a family member of Manafort or Flynn, or an accountant or lawyer who has worked for one of the two, or for someone else in the Trump inner circle.

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