Trump retweets far-right conspiracy theorist Jack Posobiec

Donald Trump has shared a tweet by a notorious far right conspiracy theorist who gained headlines for taking a “rape Melania” sign to a rally. The US president retweeted a post by Jack Posobiec – a figure linked to the so-called “alt right” movement who is famed for promoting wholly erroneous and debunked conspiracy theories.

Mr Posobiec is best known for the Pizzagate conspiracy theory which falsely alleged a Washington pizzeria was the home of a child sex abuse ring that included people such as Hilary Clinton and her then campaign chief John Podesta. The baseless and spurious theory led to a man firing a gun at the pizza joint in 2016.

Mr Posobiec took a “rape Melania” sign to anti-Trump protest just after the 2016 presidential election in the attempt to paint such rallies as aggressive and belligerent, according to Buzzfeed News. 

But this did not stop Mr Trump from sharing a tweet posted by Mr Posobiec, who has denied the charge he took such a sign to the rally, over the weekend.

“Dick Durbin called Trump racist for wanting to end chain migration. Here’s a video of Dick Durbin calling for an end to chain migration,” Mr Posobiec said in the tweet that Mr Trump then chose to share.

The tweet claimed it linked to a video of Mr Durbin calling for an end to chain migration but the video actually showed the Democrat commenting that the DREAM act being extended would not result in “chain migration” – a term that refers to family immigration.

The section of the clip cut by Mr Posobiec shows Mr Durbin reading a description of the DREAM Act and its affect on family migration.

Mr Durbin, a senior Democrat senator from Illinois, was among the senators who attended a meeting with Mr Trump in which the president is said to have referred to Haiti, El Salvador and African nations as “shithole countries.”

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