Donald Trump and Milo Yiannopoulos supporter brings conservative message to Townsville

Journalist and political commentator Daisy Cousens has flown in to Townsville to speak at a Woman’s Liberals Christmas dinner event and spoke to The Bulletin about her views on the fate of conservatism in Queensland following Labor’s victory and how she met Mr Yiannopoulos.

Ms Cousens, who earlier posted a photo of Donald Trump’s famous red “Make America Great Again” hat and a Mr Yiannopoulos’ book Dangerous with the caption “In bed with Donny and Milo”, said Yiannopoulos was an inspiration.

The controversial alt-right activist’s Troll Academy tour in Australia has sparked violent protests.

Hundreds of left and right-wing protesters clashed outside his event in Melbourne Pavilion, Victoria on Monday.

“I’m a very big admirer and supporter of Milo,” Ms Cousens said.

“He had a huge influence on me and my writing.

“Obviously the left hate him but the conservatives hate him as well because they don’t like the style and the bad language. A lot of older conservatives have an issue with him and insist he’s a libertarian and use it as an insult.

“He’s really valuable because he’s mobilising Millennials and Generation Z, to realise there is nothing wrong with calling yourself a conservative.

“He explains everything in young people-speak and has been instrumental in America for Republican students on campus who are a marginalised minority.

“He mobilised them and said, we’re not pariahs, we’re not racists we just believe in freedom.

“He’s also an example of how to express those views and be fearless in a debate.

‘He’s brave. If anyone puts himself out there it’s him.

“As he put it he’s the most lied about person other than Donald Trump.

“The left hates him because he’s young and gay and flamboyant, they think — because there’s a pack mentality — that he should be on their side.”

Ms Cousens travelled to Melbourne to appear on The Bolt Report on Monday and was introduced to Mr Yiannopoulos by Andrew Bolt.

She then had dinner with him before his show in Sydney on Wednesday night.

“I swooned inwardly and went to the dinner and we had a lovely time,” she said.

On the election, Ms Cousens said the lack of support for the LNP on a federal level affected the vote in Queensland.

“Whatever is going on at a federal level will affect what people are thinking of on a state level.”

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