Trump’s 71st birthday has Twiteratti punning and meme-ing in ‘celebration’

US President Donald Trump is definitely getting a lot of birthday wishes online, just probably not the kind he’d like.

US President Donald Trump is celebrating his 71st birthday on Wednesday, June 14, 2017. And the day wasn’t any different from his other days during the presidency, with him tweeting, rather bragging and people lambasting him for doing so. Perhaps, the only thing bright on his Twitter wall today were the multicoloured balloons, flying and popping. Even though it’s an automated feature of the micro-blogging site, people were unhappy with that too!

Trump, though, has a history of extravagant birthday celebrations with lavish parties and flaunting of wealth, nothing really is known how the POTUS would be celebrating this birthday. We just know know that First Lady Melania Trump and their 10-year-old son Barron will fly down to Washington and join him at the White House finally. Not a bad birthday present, right.

According to a report by the Telegraph, the FLOTUS “urged her ‘loyal’ friends to sign a card for the president in an email to supporters last Thursday, adding: ‘I need your help to make it a birthday my husband will never forget’.”

In fact, an anti-Trump group is all set to celebrate his #SadBirthday outside Trump Tower in Manhattan and give him a gift — flight tickets to Russia, or as the group Rise and Resist puts it, “back to Russia”, the Newsweek reported.

People also felt that the timing of his first full cabinet meeting was weird, where every member took turn to thank and praise the President. Netizens ruled it was nothing but one of his “self-satisfying act(s) of narcissism”.

With James Comey’s powerful testimony and the debate about Russian interference in the 2016 election still looming large, this is certainly an unusual birthday for the POTUS, but at least one thing hasn’t changed – the trolls and their creativity. Check these out:

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